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Each member of our team is an unpaid volunteer and is completely dedicated to making a difference to the lives of underprivileged children in India.


Natasha Mansigani

Founding Trustee

"Seeing from a young age the number of innocent children who are deprived of basic necessities on the streets of India, I always dreamt of making some sort of difference. After volunteering in several orphanages during my summer holidays at university, following graduation, setting up and running my own charity became my goal and my passion. Building a special, sisterly bond with the children we support and experiencing the impact our work has on their health, happiness and education is the drive that keeps me going. I’m extremely grateful to the generous donors and dedicated volunteers who have supported us over the years - without you, the BHF and the work we do would not be possible!"

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Raj Mansigani

Co-founding Trustee

“Throughout my business life, I've been too busy to work hands on with a children’s charity, which has always been one of my ambitions. Through the Big Hug Foundation I’ve been given the opportunity to offer more than just financial help; by giving my time, I offer the team advice and guidance on a day-to-day basis. The reward of seeing the smile on the children’s faces is more than words can express, and I’m rarely lost for words!”

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Aadil Datta

Co-founding Trustee

"When we began talking about starting a charity to relieve poverty, supporting children was always the main topic of discussion. When Natasha told me stories from her trips to India and the work she did at the orphanages, I immediately wanted to get involved. The amount our team has achieved so far is truly remarkable and it is inspirational to see our database of volunteers constantly growing. My role at the Big Hug Foundation involves organising events, creating fundraising ideas, marketing and generating corporate sponsorship. If you want to volunteer with a passionate group of individuals who really want to make a difference, get in touch now!" 

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Divya Hari


"Living in Coimbatore, where Cornerstone Children’s Home Project is based, my main role at the charity is co-ordinating with volunteers at the children's home and being the connection between India and the UK. I worked with Natasha to move the children from the warehouse to the new home and since then I've become passionate about this project and the children we support. Being a mother myself, I've always wanted to support neglected children and through the Big Hug Foundation I have been doing exactly that! The reason I ask people to get involved with BHF is because you really can see where your time, money and efforts are going – our transparency allows you to see the difference you're making to children's lives."

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